Known Issues

This page lists the issues that has been identified as harmful for those installing BuildStream or early on when using BuildStream. When available, a workaround is offered. In any case, the BuildStream community is working to fix them.

BuildStream 1.2 known issue

  • #624 BuildStream fails to view logs with utf-8 characters
  • Impact Description: When inspecting a build log that contains a utf-8 character using the BuildStream UI, BuildStream may crash.

  • Workaround: View the logs manually by opening the relevant file in $HOME/.cache/buildstream/logs.

  • #622 bst shell --build will fail on only-pulled elements

  • Impact Description: BuildStream will fail to create a shell with the --build flag on an element that has only been pulled from a remote cache, and never been fetched locally.

  • Workaround: Manually fetch the sources for the element using bst fetch --deps all <element>. The --deps all flag is required since BuildStream will refuse to fetch sources for an element with an artifact.

  • #609 (closed) Cache server running out of space

  • Impact Description: This affects only cache servers. Administrators should be aware of this issue. The cache is cleaned up automatically. However at some point the cache continues to fill up and fails to clean older artifacts. This issue is a priority for 1.2.

  • Workaround: Clean up manually the cache directory when disk resources get low. This directory is the one passed as parameter to bst-artifact-server.

  • #551 BuildStream pushes just-pulled artifacts back

  • Impact Description: This affects users who push and pull to artifact servers. Under yet-undetermined circumstances, BuildStream will push an artifact that has just been pulled back to the server. This problem is rare, and mostly harmless. A fix will likely arrive at the same time as one for #609 (closed).

  • Workaround: None

  • #525 The "quit" option does not work when interrupting a build

  • Impact Description:

    This affects all builds with the BuildStream client. When interrupting a build with ctrl-C, the "quit" option will not actually exit BuildStream, and the build will continue as normal.

  • Workaround: Wait until important jobs complete and use the "terminate" option instead.

  • #524 Fetching from OSTree repos sometimes fails with "Too many open files"

  • Impact Description: This only affects projects with OSTree source elements. When fetching many elements simultaneously, BuildStream may occasionally fail with "too many open files".

  • Workaround: Fetch fewer elements before running the full pipeline.