BuildStream Manifest

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BuildStream Governance

BuildStream is a Free Software project hosted by the GNOME Foundation so it inherits its Governance model and Code of Conduct.


BuildStream code and technical documentation is licensed under the LGPL2.1 license. The website contents are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.


Participate in the BuildStream project

The BuildStream project welcome and promotes the participation and contributions of any person. The following links will redirect you to what you need to know in order to participate:

  • The most obvious way to participate is to use BuildStream.
  • If you are interested in testing the new features developed by the BuildStream community, install/deploy the latest Development Snapshot.
    • It would be great to hear back about your experience. Join us on the #buildstream channel on the GNOME IRC server or the BuildStream Community mailing list. Feel free to provide support to other users through these channels. * You might also be interested in checking the mailing list archive.
    • One of the most valuable ways to participate is reporting potential bugs. You can find a detailed explanation about how to do so in the FAQ.
  • Develop BuildStream
  • Every BuildStream meeting is open to contributors, users and those simply interested in the project. Check the BuildStream calendar to find out about the next meeting.
  • Very cool but I am not a developer!
    • As mentioned above, BuildStream welcomes contributors of all skill sets. You can add value reviewing and developing contents, helping out on the website, doing translations, promoting the tool etc. Join the mailing list, open a ticket, show up in one of our meetings, ping us through IRC or reach out to a community member at any event... everybody is welcome.

BuildStream Infrastructure

The infrastructure used by the BuildStream project can be found at this wiki page.